Important Writing Tips—Recommendations for Newbies Like Me


successtipsAs a relatively uninitiated writer, I pay attention to writing tips that would initiate my creativity stream and establish good writing skills. Here are some tips that I formulated—I anticipate you would find them constructive.

Write What You Love to Read

  • For instance, if you fancy being a novelist, activate the creative process by contemplating internally. What stories do you love to read and would you like to read more? Do not compose a narrative only because you want it to be a bestseller. Write stories that energize you, so begin pondering over cherished short stories and novels—it does not have to be a particular genre. In writing short stories, for example, you can undertake a special character (maybe not in the manner in which Jack Nicholson’s character accomplished it in the critically acclaimed film, “As Good As It Gets”, a kind of story, a style of voice, and the like.

Become a Workshop Group Member

  • Often, with the purpose of acquiring and achieving the creative writing skills you covet and crave, you may need to attend a workshop or two—maybe more if you need help. Search groups of new writers, such as yourself. Although local workshops may be challenging to locate, begin by inquiring from your local bookstore (you can commence the search at You may use creative writing tips from writers at to study as well. The advantage of receiving external assistance is that you customarily get weekly assignments—these can grease your rusty creative wheels to turn you into a proficient writer. Pay someone to do term paper or write an essay just to see different writing style and compare it to yours.

Write the Way You Speak

  • Even though it seems easy, writing in the same manner as you speak is quite complicated. Whenever you write, you will probably get the impression that you have artificially assumed a tone that is unnatural to the manner in which you speak. You would have to undergo lots of practice for this tip. Whenever you write as you speak, you demonstrate conviction in your writing. This will eventually be evident in the outputs you produce. A useful trick to accomplish this is to visualize that you are talking to someone in front of you as you write.

successtips2Keep It Simple

  • Employ short words, sentences, and paragraphs—this is what keeping it simple means. If you consider the last tip, you can probably fill an entire paragraph with solely one sentence. However, you can edit your writing before publishing. Remember, putting together short words, sentences, and paragraphs concentrate less on editing and more on keeping it simple. Get straight to the point and draw in simple language. Remember William Shakespeare’s “To be, or not to be?” — it is short, sweet, and to the point.

Do Not Give Up

  • As someone who has just started writing somewhat later in life, not giving up is an excellent but often overlooked tip. You may undergo that feeling that you want to give up several times if you have experienced staring at a blank page for what seems like ages. Just begin and never give up because, to improve writing skills, you have to keep trying!

There Really Are No Rules

  • Even with these tips, sometimes you have to ignore the rules. Almost anyone and everyone would offer advice, but remember, the best efforts will naturally flourish when you leave the rules behind and become genuine and authentic in your writing.